The Lyfe Influence is a simple, innovative platform that allows you to connect with our network of over 6,000 influencers in France, Brazil and Dubai.

It allows you to propose your offers to influencers, in exchange for visibility on social networks.

The Lyfe streamlines your interactions with influencers, making your brand promotion effective and personalized.

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Following an initial discussion, we create a customized offer for you, highlighting the product or service you wish to promote.

Interested influencers can then order your product or book a service.

The strength of our platform? You have access to influencer statistics before making your choice, ensuring that you select only those who match your brand image.

Finally, we provide you with a monthly report. Our team is at your disposal to assist you and make appropriate recommendations.


Once the collaboration is complete, an invitation is sent to the influencer to share their experience and leave a review on Google Reviews via the app.

So, in addition to visibility on Instagram, you'll be able to collect new reviews and benefit from better exposure on Google Reviews

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