A unique platform that connects influencers with our partners in the wellness and wellness sector, enabling them to promote themselves on social networks.


A simple, innovative application enabling content creators to discover, book and test our partners' offers in exchange for visibility.


The Lyfe Influence application minimizes exchanges, facilitates day-to-day business and clarifies the terms and conditions of product/service exchanges between influencers and our partners.



A customer file bearing your brand's name is created and visible to influencers registered on the application.


In addition to linking to your Instagram page and website, it summarizes your service or product offer and contracts your exchange with influencers, detailing the terms of exchange.


Create opportunities for conversational exchange, with a view to building community and loyalty.


At the end of the collaboration, influencers will be able to leave a review on Google Reviews directly from the application.


After the appointment, a notification is sent to the influencer so that they can rate their experience or give their opinion if they wish.


So, in addition to visibility on Instagram, you'll be able to collect new reviews and benefit from better exposure on Google Reviews.

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Your back-office allows you to manage all your partnership needs independently.

You'll be able to easily validate, refuse or modify a collaboration, as well as interact with influencers.

What's more, you'll be able to easily find our influencers' statistics in addition to the monthly report that will be sent to you.